ComBio2017 Photos

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ComBio2017 opening ceremony. ComBio2017 Chair, Michael Michael.
ComBio2017 opening ceremony. Dr Leanna Read, Chief Scientist of South Australia and ASBMB member.
Career Development Forum speakers, from left: Justin Dibbins, Deb White, Geraint Rogers, Leanna Read and Keryn Williams.
‘Education I’ symposium speakers, from left: Heather Verkade, Jo Russell, Jeanne Young and Tracey Kuit.
‘Education II’ symposium speakers, from left: Helen Abud, Maurizio Costabile, Janet Macaulay, Danielle Rhodes, Priscilla Johanesen and Amber Willems-Jones.
From left: Chris Jay, Sally Jay and the ComBio2017 Local Organising Committee: Michael Michael, Briony Forbes, Matthew Gilliham, Rachel Burton and Natasha Harvey.
ASBMB 50 years of membership awardee Greg Barritt with ASBMB President Leann Tilley.
ASBMB President Leann Tilley, ASBMB Grimwade Keynote Plenary lecturer Michael Hall and Ian van Driel.
Liz Harry, ComBio2018 Chair, addresses the ComBio2017 closing ceremony.
Poster Display
The poster display featured two poster teaser sessions

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