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Student Bursaries

Each year ASBMB will consider applications by its student members to cover the cost of their registration for attendance at the ComBio conference. The total number of bursaries awarded will be subject to the availability of funding.
The application form may be downloaded here.

Student Poster Prizes

The ASBMB offer up to 6 poster prizes to the value of $300 each.


Student Travel Grants

Funds are set aside each year to sponsor student travel to the ComBio annual conference. These grants are provided from member fees and are designed to contribute to the professional development of the new generation of Australia’s plant scientists. The application form can be downloaded here.

Student Poster Prizes

ASPS student posters are automatically entered into the competition for up to 5 awards for research presented at ComBio. Each award will consist of recognition at the end of the conference and a prize of $200. Further details can be found at https://www.asps.org.au/awards/combio-poster-prizes


Student Travel Grants & Student and Postdoc Prizes

A number of travel awards to contribute to the costs of ComBio attendance are available for student members presenting at the meeting.
The ANZSCDB also offers several student and postdoc prizes for ComBio presentations in the fields of Cell and Developmental Biology.
Details of the Society prizes, as well as Travel Grant eligibility requirements and application form may be downloaded here.