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HelpIf you experience any problems with the online form, or if you have any questions about the online abstract submission process, Sally Jay at combio@asbmb.org.au will be happy to answer your questions.

The early registration deadline has now closed as has the oral option of abstract submission (except for plenary and invited symposium presentations) but the ComBio2022 Program Committee is pleased to advise that the poster abstract submission deadline has been extended as follows:

Poster abstracts will be programmed within themes if received by Friday, 22 July and details published in the electronic conference program, the conference App and on the website.

Poster abstracts will be included in "Late Posters" if received by Monday, 8 August and details published in the electronic conference program, the conference App and on the website (but will not be programmed within themes).

Poster abstracts will be detailed as "On Site Posters" on the program revisions board at the conference if received by Wednesday, 21 September. The poster presentation details will not be published in the electronic conference program, conference App or on the website.

Please note:

Please carefully fill out the abstract form below. When you click the Preview Abstract button at the bottom of the page you will be taken to a page where you may preview the formatted abstract and view your entered details, and may then opt to either cancel or finalise the abstract submission. Please note that the abstract submission form also does some automatic editing to convert the text case of authors, removes extraneous spaces and generally processes your entry into the correct form.

General Abstract Information

Please indicate the type of presentation your abstract is intended for.

Abstract Type:
Key to Submitted Abstract Types

Oral or withdraw = if an oral presentation is not selected, I do not wish to give a presentation
Oral preferred = I would prefer to give an oral presentation, but if not selected, I am happy to give a poster presentation
Poster only = I only wish to give a poster presentation
Poster preferred = I would prefer to give a poster presentation, but am happy to give an oral presentation instead of a poster if so selected

*Note: Lightning talks will also be available for Early Career Researchers. They will consist of 5 minute talks held in a dedicated symposium for Early Career Researchers.

Research Themes

To help allocate oral and poster communications to appropriate sessions, authors are asked to classify their abstracts according to first and second preference themes as listed below. Please select from the pulldown menus. Abstract submission will not proceed unless you select a theme for both preferences, although you can select "not applicable" on the second preference.

Research Theme (first preference - MANDATORY):
Research Theme (second preference - MANDATORY):


I hereby declare that the experiments described in this communication have been performed in a manner that is in accordance with:

(a) the ‘National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007)’, and
(b) the ‘Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013)’, as applicable, and
(c) has been approved by an Institutional Ethics Committee composed according to the guidelines of the NH&MRC or the jurisdictions where the work was performed.

I further declare that I accept full responsibility for the content of my abstract and I understand that it will be reproduced directly from my submitted version.

Online abstract submission will not proceed unless you select a declaration option

Student Prizes

Candidates for the Student Poster or Oral Awards must be current Student Members of ASBMB, ANZSCDB, ASPS, GSA or NZSBMB . Membership applications or renewals must be sent directly to the National Office/Secretariat of each Society, please see links to the societies here.

Is your paper eligible for a Student Poster or Oral Award?: Yes | No
Name of supervisor :
Supervisor's email:
Degree enrolled for

Early Career Researcher

I am an Early Career Researcher*: Yes | No

*Early Career Researchers, defined as PhD students usually in the later years of their enrolment and post-doctoral scientists or independent research team leaders with up to 7 years post-doctoral experience (or equivalent taking any career disruption into account), are encouraged to be considered to present their work in the concurrent symposia.​​


Please fill out the author details below, and select the presenting author by clicking on the radio button next to the author. The presenting author must be registered for ComBio2022. For each author you may select up to 3 of 10 institutions, which may be detailed in the following section. Please do not use HTML tags to highlight the presenting author, this is done automatically.

If your surname contains internal capital letters e.g. MacLennan, please enter it as Mac*Lennan, otherwise it will be converted to Maclennan

Please do not enter the given name of author/s in the “Initials” field – this field is only for the first initials of given names.

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Institution/s name and address

Please fill out the name and address details of the institutions participating in the abstract.

Institution 1:
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Institution 10:

Abstract Title and Abstract Text

Instructions for Authors
  • Your abstract must be less than 300 words long in total (including abstract text, title, authors, institutions and addresses) and the text must be formatted as a single paragraph. Do not add line breaks using HTML tags.
  • The title of the abstract will automatically be converted to BOLD UPPER CASE. If you require lower case letters in your title to prevent ambiguity, please contact Sally Jay combio@asbmb.org.au. Please try to make your title comprehensible to non-experts, by avoiding the use of specialised terms and abbreviations.
  • If you type your abstract using a word processor and would like to "cut and paste", use only plain text (letters, numerals and spaces). Note that many word processors also use special characters for apostrophe and quotation marks ("smart quotes"). It is recommended to enter such characters directly in the abstract text box.
  • You may alter text with the following HTML tags only, either manually or using the formatting buttons adjacent to the text field:
    • To make text bold : <b> text to bold </b> (please note: the abstract title is automatically converted to bold uppercase).
    • To make text italic : <i> text to italicise </i>
    • To make text superscript : <sup> text to superscript </sup>
    • To make text subscript : <sub> text to subscript </sub>
    • It is very important that you close the HTML tag off with </i> </b> etc, otherwise you can mess the formatting for the entire abstract text.
  • Symbols cannot be entered directly into the online text box, but may be added to the text according to the replacement table below either manually or using the symbol buttons adjacent to the text field. For instance α-conotoxin would be entered as !a-conotoxin. The !a will be replaced with α in the processed abstract.
Replacement Table
Symbol: α β γ δ ε θ κ λ π μ Δ ° Å ±
Replacement: !a !b !g !d !e !t !k !l !p !m !c !^ !z !+ != !< !>

Abstract Title:
Abstract Text:

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Contact Details

Please fill in your email below. A valid email is required for notification of successful abstract submission.

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